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Zeolite for Detergent

CIZA 4A is the international quality, environment friendly synthetic Zeolite from Chemicals India.

What Are Zeolites?

Zeolites are crystalline metal Alumino silicates. Also referred to as Molecular Sieve, Zeolites have three dimentional tetrahedral structure consisting of Aluminum, Silicon and Oxygen. The empty cage has an effective diameter of four angstrom units which is instrumental in providing Zeolite with its Molecular Sieve and ion exchange capability.

Uses of CIZA 4A Zeolite

CIZA 4A adheres to the strict international synthetic Zeolite quality norms which allows its use not only as an ion exchange and adsorbent in detergents (bar and powder) and gas, but also as a catalyst in petrochemicals, as animal feed additive, purification agent and as an desiccant.

CIZA 4A in Detergents

CIZA 4A Zeolite is used as an ion exchange agent in detergents. Ion exchange agents are chemicals which enhance the cleaning efficiency of surfactants. As an effective and universally accepted environment friendly substitute of STPP, 4A Zeolite provides the much needed mobility and exchange of certain dissolved ions like calcium and magnesium in hard water. Calcium and magnesium which interfere with the cleaning efficiency of surfactants are removed by 4A Zeolite enabling surfactant to clean linen better. The greater calcium and magnesium ion exchange ability of CIZA 4A Zeolite comes from its unique Sieve like strucrure.

Hardness Removal by CIZA 4A Zeolite

Calcium ions interfere the most with the cleaning efficiency of surfactants. The following calcium and magnesium depletion figure over time shows how CIZA 4A Zeolite depletes calcium ion concentration to 2 % of its original level within one minute, and magnesium ion within 10 minutes of an average wash cycle.

Hardness Removal by CIZA 4A Zeolite


CIZA 4A provides tremendous advantage not only in performance, but also from the cost and environment point of view. Performance advantage

  • Calcium Removal : The following calcium removal data table shows CIZA 4A’s performance edge over STPP CIZA 4A vs. STPP.

    Calcium Capacity (mg. CaCO./gm) Anhydrous Basis

    CIZA 4A




  • Anit-Redeposition properties : Repeated washing and redeposition of dirt leads to graying of fabrics. Through the process of absorption and coagulation, detergents containing CIZA 4A Zeolite reduce soil redeposition, thus reducing the graying of fabrics better than conventional detergents.
  • Anti-Dye Dispersion Properties : CIZA 4A Zeolite absorbs dispersed dye molecules from coloyred fabrics during the wash cycles thus barring them from bleeding on to white clothes, Conventional STPP based detergents are far less effective in curbing dye dispersion in wash loads.
  • Surfactant Absorption :CIZA 4A Zeolite has a greatest capacity to absorb liquid non-ionic Surfactant, to the extent of 35 % where as STPP absorbs only 7%. This characteristics of CIZA 4A Zeolite is very important when the detergents are dry mixed, as it enables more Surfactant to be added as per requirement of the formulation. At the same time without affecting the flowablity and possible of spotting the container resulting from transfer of the Surfactant from the detergents is minimum.
  • Surface Absorption : CIZA 4A Zeolite has insoluble particles that remains in suspension in cleaning solutions, they offer an added advantage on detergency. This characteristic is not present in any other soluble builders, viz. surface absorption. The net negative charge of the Aluminosilicates structure minimizes any undesired absorption of important surface, while allowing for the absorption of dispersed colloidal particles, low soluble salts and soluble matters that have been removed from the fabric during the cleaning process.

Specifications of Ciza 4A Zeolite



Average particle size, Max


Sieve-residue(50 microns IS sieve),
percent by mass, Max


Bulk density, g/l, Min


Relative brightness, Min


pH of 5% suspension


Assay content, percent by mass


Calcium binding capacity
(as mg CaO/g assay), Min


Average chemical composition:

Sodium (as Na2O), percent by mass

Aluminium (as Al2O3),percent by mass

Silica (as SiO2), percent by mass





Environmental Advantage :

Unlike STPP, CIZA 4A Zeolite does not contribute towards the eutrophication problem associated with STPP has resulted in its ban in major developed countries like USA and JAPAN. CIZA 4A Zeolite’s complete environment compatibility.

Carcinogenicity of Zeolites

A study conducted by World Health Organization and evaluated "The Carcinogenicity of Zeolites" and found that synthetic Zeolites are category 3 : insufficient evidence to prove that it is Carcinogenic. [ISBN 9283212681]

Cost Advantage

Even when 1.2 kgs of hydrous CIZA 4A Zeolite optimized for detergents is substituted 1.0 kg. of STPP, the cost saving is more than 18% clearly. CIZA 4A out performs STPP.


CIZA 4A Zeolite is available in bulk or 25 kgs. Net polyethylene lined HDPE woven bags to ensure delivery in a fresh & free flowing state.


Zeolite does not cause any burns or bodily damage on contact. Its in organic nature makes it non combustible.

Technical Help

Limited technical help is available free of charge from Chemicals India.


The information provided is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Users should determine suitability of CIZA 4A to their particular use.